Jeanne d'Arc, Ma Mère

Jeanne d'Arc
6 . 23 . 2012

My mom was my best friend and number one client. From the day I began my journey as a makeup artist, she was the best and happiest customer I have ever had. Her battle with Breast Cancer began in 1994 and I knew it was my duty to make her feel confident, whole, and beautiful, the best way I could. Whether it be a birthday celebration, or just a dinner date with my dad, I did her makeup to make her feel beautiful. She always said that I was the best. This was truly because even throughout the chemotherapy or harsh medications, I knew every detail of her face with my eyes closed and could create anything she asked me to.  I really miss our one-on-one moments where I was able to spend time with her and make her the happiest and most confident woman in the room. I will miss her every day of my life. I love you Mama forever and always.

"Whatever thing men call great, look for it in Joan of Arc, and there you will find it."  Mark Twain